very Mass Marketer is challenged with a dilemma eloquently articulated by John Wannamaker over a century ago...

"I know I'm wasting
half of my ad budget...
I just don't know which half!"

Mass media advertising has deteriorated to the point that marketers WISH only half their budgets were being wasted. Mass media advertising has plagued them with higher costs, fewer impressions delivered, and less than 1% response. Relying on 3 TV networks and a handful of major print publications & radio stations worked 60 years ago. But times have changed. And the proliferation of unsolicited junk mail has proven NOT to be the answer.

WSN has identified & integrated several channels for reaching the consumer population that are emotive in nature. Therefore, impressions are not made where consumers are being reached merely as viewers, readers or listeners. Instead, they are reached through a venue emotionally important to them with endorsement from an organization they know and trust.

WSN's mission is for its proven Loyalty eXchange platform to be the foundation whereby hundreds of millions of dollars being wasted in mass media advertising are re-allocated to the benefit of the advertiser whose ROI and branding goals are drastically improved, the participating organizations who receive support, and the shoppers whose loyalty is rewarded.


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